cibil dispute

How to find cibil dispute ?

You can raise a dispute for inaccuracies you identify in your CIBIL report. Your banks/financial institutions may have incorrectly reported this data or failed to update it regularly.

Consumer dispute resolution

You can initiate an online dispute with CIBIL to address inaccuracies, account ownership, and duplication of information appearing in your credit report.

What is the process for raising a dispute?

You can raise a dispute for inaccuracies identified in your CIBIL report.

Your banks/financial institutions may have incorrectly reported this data or failed to update it regularly.
You can identify and raise a dispute for your report using the online dispute form.
CIBIL will help you communicate with the lenders to seek resolution of the disputed data.

Your bank/financial institution will report any recent payments on your loan/credit card account to TransUnion CIBIL in approximately 30 to 45 days.

If you have made a recent payment, please allow 30-45 days after the payment date for the same to be reflected in your CIBIL Report.

Accounts reported as “closed” will continue to be reflected in your CIBIL report regardless of their age after closure.

Please contact the reporting bank/financial institution for desired changes to your report.

My loan has been rejected due to defaults reported in my name in CIBIL records. How do I remove my name from the CIBIL defaulters list?

CIBIL does not maintain a list of defaulters. We maintain individuals’ credit history as reported by Affiliated Credit Institutions. The decision to grant a loan depends solely on the credit policy of the Credit Institution. To check your credit history in detail and identify possible discrepancies/errors that may reflect on your name, you can purchase your CIBIL score and report by clicking here.

What types of impressions can be reflected in my CIVIL report?

If some of the personal data or one or more accounts/inquiries in your CIR do not belong to you.

Incorrect personal data
Credit institutions send your credit account details along with your personal/contact/employment information such as name, address, date of birth, PAN, telephone number, income, etc. CIBIL then creates your complete credit profile based on these details. Therefore, it is important to update your lending institution whenever there is a change in information, as incorrect details can result in an incorrect CIR.

Inaccurate account details
Lending institutions generally submit data to CIBIL within 30 to 45 days and if you purchase your CIBIL Report within 45 days of your last dues payment, it may not be updated. This leads to reflecting an inaccurate current balance or overdue amount in your CIBIL Report. However, if the “Reporting Date” (date data is submitted by that lender) associated with that account is more than 2 months old and the payment made is still not reflected, then you can file a dispute. (click here to see how to file a dispute).

I have closed/paid the accounts and they still appear on my report. How do I update my CIBIL report?

As per the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005, CIBIL cannot modify any information in the database without confirmation from the relevant credit institution. Credit institutions submit data every 30 to 45 days to CIBIL and if you purchase your CIBIL score and report within 45 days of closing/settlement of your accounts, it may not be updated in CIBIL records.

Can CIBIL make corrections to the data or update/delete any information in the CIBIL Report?

CIBIL cannot make any changes directly to your CIBILReport. Only once the change is authorized and provided by the concerned Credit Institution can your CIBIL Report be updated.

I notice an error in my report. How do I raise a dispute? How long will it take to resolve the dispute?

To initiate a dispute with us, simply follow the online dispute process mentioned below:

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